Bulk Heating Pellets

The key advantage of a blown delivery is convenience: your pellets are delivered straight into your store without the need for you to manually handle.

We provide National delivery throughout the UK, our minimum delivery is 3 tonnes.

Unlike other suppliers of Bulk Heating Pellets, Good Life Biomass have introduced Fixed Prices, which makes ordering simplier.  

Our Bulk Heating Pellets are EN A1 Grade A, they are also BSL Approved. 

Important Information to include in your ordering process- 

  • Information that may impact access to your store (narrow access track, gates, turning circle, overhanging branches etc as well as site security)
  • Delivery Date-  Our deliveries take place between 3-5 working days.  If you are in need of a urgent delivery, please call our office on 01834 860665 to discuss. 
  • Do you need to be there when delivery takes place or are there any security arrangements? Please detail these in the delivery information section at the checkout. 
  • For most blown wood pellet deliveries, sizes of lorries can range from smaller six-wheeled vehicles all the way up to large articulated lorries. It is important to choose the right delivery method for your store. Please highlight the right sized lorry for you within the delivery instructions section at the checkout. 

For new commercial projects, we are happy to be involved at an early stage to ensure that issues such as storage and access are taken into consideration. Bulk heating Pellets offer an easy, convenient combustion.

Most Importantly, we hope you find our ordering process simple and easy to follow.