Biomass Wood Pellets

Top quality A1 Grade biomass wood pellets.

All our wood pellets are produced using fresh softwood by-products  from the saw mill industry. The clean debarked timber is  dried,hammer milled and screened to a precise particle size.  This feed stock is then processed under high pressure to  produce the highest quality wood pellets extruded through a  6mm die. Only the plant extract lignin binds the wood  together  and produces a natural shiny coating on the outside  so the pellets will flow.

We sell 6mm bagged wood pellets that meet the new European wood pellet standard known. Within the quality scheme we supply Grade A1 premium wood pellets.  The aim of the new certification system is to secure the supply for end consumers of standardised, high-quality wood pellets.

Manufactured in the UK- Every consignment is traceable and certified as a sustainable biomass fuel.